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As every month, we’d like to share again this time the latest news of the Nextcloud land!

The new Nextcloud Hub v19 has been released bringing more productivity to home office, updates to the Talk mobile clients as well, new customer success stories are available to read, we are nominated again this year for the Cloudcomputing Insiders Award in the File sharing and Collaboration category and more!

Nextcloud updates

We are excited to make the latest and greatest Nextcloud available for download!

This mayor new release, Nextcloud Hub v19 brings lots of improvements and new features! Click the image and check out the video introduction for a quick overview!


Nextcloud Hub v19 (Home Office) is here!

Take a look at the main new features:

The new password policy configuration
  • Password-less authentication and many other security measures:
    • Easy logging in with biometrics or a hardware key
    • Protecting accounts anywhere
      • Optional automatic logout
      • Password reuse limitations
      • Automatic account locking in response to failed login attempts
      • Password expiration features
Enabling WebAuthn is very easy! Click for a full screenshot
  • Guest account groups
  • Deck integration in Calendar
  • MUCH improved performance
Configuring guest accounts
Invite a guest to a group
Deck - a kanban style tool
  • Talk 9:
    • Introduction of a grid view
    • Easy sharing of files with drag and drop
    • Build in viewing and editing of files and documents
    • Better performance, scalability and lower network load
Grid view
Dropping a document in a chat
Editing a document during a call

Collabora Online will be shipped out of the box with Nextcloud Hub in version 19. A special community server has been developed which dramatically eases the work required for installation, avoiding the need for web server configuration, docker containers and more.

Note that Collabora online is the default document collaboration platform due to its integration with Talk. ONLYOFFICE is still an available option and is working in this area to bring similar capabilities.

Download the latest Nextcloud now or read our announcement blog to learn more about this release and get an idea of what gets done with Nextcloud Hub v19!

Talk 9.0: Server, iOS and Android

A lot of good news on Talk:

Nextcloud Talk HPB (High Performance Back-end) is now open source!

Some of you might be happy to know that along with the server Talk 9.0 we are making improvements on Talk mobile clients as well! Talk 9.0 beta for iOS and Talk 9.0 RC2 for Android are being tested and there will be a final release soon bringing the following improvements:

Talk for Android:

  • Offline support
  • Application shortcuts
  • Swipe to reply
  • New invitation options to a conversation
  • Remodelled UI

Talk for iOS:

  • Offline support and temporary messages
  • Mute participants
  • Show speaker indicator
  • Limit conversation creation

Read the announcement blog for more details!

CloudComputing-Insider Award

This year we are nominated again for the CloudComputing-Insider Award in the category FileSharing & Collaboration! We're counting on you: vote for Nextcloud so we make it to the first spot together this year! Click the button below to see how you can vote for us :-) Remember, every vote matters!

We’re listening to your thoughts and feature-wishes!

We're working on bettering Nextcloud Deck, Forms and Social! Would you help us build great self hosted apps that cover all your day to day needs?

If you want your feature-needs regarding any of these apps to be considered for the upcoming releases all you have to do is read this blog, take the surveys and tick the boxes that match your thoughts. Takes less than 5 minutes!

Case studies

We often ask our customers to work with us on whitepapers and case studies.

The ways that different companies of different industries use our software are unlimited and we want to provide businesses with an example on what everyone gets done with Nextcloud.

Recently we published case studies to describe how and why:

Read the summaries for this customer success stories on our blog and check out the full case studies.

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